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Strategic Initiatives

 The following strategic initiatives evolved in response to objectives presented in the AOM Strategic Plan


Strategic Intent Area: Internationalization

AOM Africa Conference

In response to demand from a growing and globally diverse membership population, the Academy held an open call to members for innovative and unique ideas for a supplementary conference to be held outside of North America.  In support of a member-driven proposal, the Academy of Management Africa Conference was held January 7-10, 2013 in Johannesburg, South Africa.  

The AOM Africa Conference provided an intimate setting for local and international scholars to interact through uniquely focused content and experiential learning journeys.

Learn more about the AOM Africa Conference.  

[Internationalization, Strategic Objective: 1.6]

Adopt-a-Member Mentoring Program

The Adopt a Member Mentoring Program at the Annual Meeting designed to extend a warm welcome to all first time attendees and new members at the Annual Meeting by pairing them with experienced members to help answer questions about the conference, offer guidance in organizing their visit, and to help create an enriching and lasting experience.

Learn more about the Adopt-a-Member Program on the Annual Meeting page (sign up details posted each year in March/April).

[Internationalization, Strategic Objective: 1.1]

AFAM Inaugural Mini-Conference 

The inaugural conference of the Africa Academy of Management (AFAM) was held on Thursday, August 11, one day prior to the start of the AOM Annual Meeting in San Antonio, Texas (2011).  As part of the AOM Africa Initiative, which seeks to promote the advancement of research and scholarly exchange on and about the continent of Africa, the Academy sponsored ten junior African scholars to allow them to experience their first AOM Annual Meeting and participate in the inaugural AFAM conference.  African AOM membership (and Annual Meeting attendance) has continued to grow since the launch of the AOM Africa Initiative, providing new opportunities for African and non-African management scholars to connect and collaborate.

[Internationalization, Strategic Objectives: 1.5, 1.4, 1.3]

Africa Faculty Development Workshops 

The Africa Faculty Development Workshops are a series of programs aimed at promoting excellent PhD and new faculty research, assisting with the advancement of research scholarship, and helping to develop the next generation of Africa's academic leaders. These programs welcome scholars from across the African continent to engage in an intensive weeklong seminar with distinguished international faculty members.
The Academy of Management collaborated with the Africa Academy of Management to host the West Africa Faculty Development Workshop in Accra, Ghana (December 2011) and the Central/East Africa Faculty Development Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda (June 2012).

[Internationalization, Strategic Objectives: 1.5, 1.4, 1.3]

Forum for Leaders of Affiliated and Associated Societies

The Academy of Management hosts an afternoon forum for leaders of the AOM Affiliated and Associated Societies at the Annual Meeting each year. The forum supports open discussions about the future of management scholarship and provides an opportunity for groups to share best practices, identify trends and issues of common concern, and to recognize the opportunities and challenges of collaboration.

[Internationalization, Strategic Objective: 1.2]

Hospitality Suite for New and International Members

The Hospitality Suite for New and International Members at the Annual Meeting provides a welcome community atmosphere where new and international members can learn about volunteer opportunities and the benefits of membership from Academy staff, leadership volunteers and the Membership Committee.

Learn more about the Hospitality Suite on the Annual Meeting page (details posted each year in March/April).

[Internationalization, Strategic Objective: 1.1] 

Strategic Intent Area: Professional Impact

AOM Teaching & Learning Conference (TLC@AOM)

In response to the growing teaching related-needs of AOM members around the globe, members proposed an Academy-wide teaching conference, TLC@AOM. The goal of this project is to engage members across all divisions on the practice of teaching. The TLC@AOM seeks to support all AOM members teaching roles, increase the visibility of teaching both within and outside of the Academy, and position the Academy as a global leader in management education teaching in addition to its current leadership role in management education research.

TLC@AOM was offered as a three-year pilot program during the AOM Annual Meeting in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  The Teaching & Learning Conference will continue, as part of the AOM Small Conferences Initiative, in 2016. For more information about the Teaching & Learning Conference please contact the organizers.

[Professional Impact, Strategic Objectives: 2.1, 2.4]

Ethics of Scholarship and Publishing Videos  

The Academy of Management Ethics of Research and Publishing Video Series was created in 2011 to educate and increase awareness for Academy members of professional ethical conduct with respect to writing, authoring, and publication.   Featuring journal editors and Academy thought leaders, this eight part series explores questions in academic research and publishing including: Authorship, Plagiarism, Publishing in Journals, Conference Papers and Presentations, Slicing the Data in Publications, Reporting Research, Reviewing Manuscripts, and Global Ethics in Publishing.

Learn more about this project and view all eight videos on the  Academy of Management YouTube channel.

 [Professional Impact, Strategic Objectives: 2.1, 2.4]

International Online Teaching Resource Library

The International Online Teaching Resource Library includes member generated videos with testimonials and cases in native languages (subtitles in English) that illustrate how AOM scholarship and teaching have helped inspire and enable a better world. This collaborative initiative aims to promote and foster practical, meaningful and relevant teaching and research. The goal of the project is not only to promote the relevance and importance of AOM scholarship for managerial and organizational practice, but also to engage members from emerging countries who might not fully understand what AOM is and does, and the important role it plays in business management.

The project introduced an open competition in 2011 for members to produce videos that demonstrated how Academy scholarship influences and helps improve management and organizational practice in their own context. Finalist videos can be found in the AOM video library. The videos are accessible, with appropriate attribution, for all Academy members to use in their classrooms.

[Professional Impact, Strategic Objective: 2.1, 2.4]   

The Ethicist: An Innovative Plan to Engage Members in Ethics Dialogue

The Ethicist is a monthly blog where Academy of Management members can discuss ethical issues that affect their research, teaching and professional lives. The Ethicist communicates the Academy's commitment to ethical conduct as a priority of the organization. The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness about everyday ethical issues and ethics in the context of the Academy and the profession. The blog also provides a location for experts to respond to members' questions and concerns about ethics. The blog is sponsored by the AOM Ethics Education Committee.

Read this month's blog - and the complete archive here.

 [Professional Impact, Strategic Objectives: 2.1, 3.3, 4.2, 1.4]   


Strategic Intent Area: State of the Profession

AOM Climate Study: An Assessment of Diversity and Inclusion in the Academy

In 2013, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee initiated a project to assess diversity and inclusion in the Academy.  The goals of this project are to assess member diversity, perceptions of AOM's climate for diversity and inclusion (e.g., leadership commitment to diversity, value for diverse perspectives, fair treatment, need satisfaction, belongingness), and patterns of participation (e.g., years of membership, type and extent of involvement, leadership positions held, etc.). 

   Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee Survey of Inclusion Summary Report of Key Findings

[State of the Profession, Strategic Objectives: 1.3, 3.2]

Career Obstacles, Shocks and Facilitators of Occupational Career Satisfaction among Academy of Management Members

In 2013-14, a study was launched to help provide a better understanding of the State of the Profession by identifying the professional challenges facing members and what role the AOM might play in addressing them.  The study also aimed to report on the status on tenure track and non-tenure track positions and alternatives to attaining tenure used by business schools around the world.

  A report on the study to (1) identify qualitatively examples of career shocks, obstacles, and accelerators faced by our members, and (2) use these examples to create and administer a quantitative survey of members can be found by clicking here.

[State of the Profession, Strategic Objectives: 3.3, 3.4]

Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee

In the fall of 2010, then-AOM President Susan Jackson formed a committee to help ensure that the Academy fully supported and leveraged the scholarly contributions of its diverse members.  The mission of the Diversity & Inclusion Theme Committee is to provide learning and outreach opportunities across the Academy of Management that foster a more diverse and inclusive community in which all members are involved in, and contribute to, the growth and success of the organization.

[State of the Profession, Strategic Objectives: 1.3, 3.1]

Strategic Intent Area: Academy Management

Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD)

The Academy of Management has added a new online journal, the Academy of Management Discoveries (AMD) to its portfolio of publications. The mission of AMD  is to promote the creation and dissemination of new empirical evidence that strengthens our understanding of substantively important yet poorly understood phenomena concerning management and organizations. AMD welcomes phenomenon-driven research that employs quantitative and/or qualitative methods at any level of analysis (e.g., individuals, groups, organizations, industries, societies). The journal publishes articles presenting strong and persuasive evidence and provides readers clear and timely implications for understanding and improving management and organizations.  Studies appearing AMD in could be used as a basis for theory development or theory-based empirical articles developed for other AOM journals. 

Watch the introductory video seriesand view examples of thetypes of papers AMD is looking for here .

[Academy Management, Strategic Objectives: 4.4]

AOM Connect

AOM Connect is the Academy's online social network. Launched in 2010 as an interactive platform for the Academy's global membership to facilitate virtual connections, AOM Connect is the central resource for members to network, discuss their research, and engage on various topics of importance and concern for management scholars.

Learn more about AOM Connect.

 [Academy Management, Strategic Objectives: 1.3, 4.2]

Governance Improvement Drive 

In 2012, the Board launched an initiative to develop the capability and effectiveness of AOM governance to successfully meet the current and future challenges of a 21st century scholarly association.

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